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Unlimited Talk & Text $19.95

previewdialer.net allows you to be able to better run your business, right from your mobile device or your landline


Sales Driven Software Solutions

Designed specifically for the sales environment, Preview Dialer™ has been built with the aim of improving your sales capabilities by allowing for preview, auto or predictive dialing wherever you may be. Your existing desk or mobile phone will work just fine, while we also offer a feature-complete desktop solution for those running a call center with a team of telemarketers at the ready.

Powered by the Cloud

No matter where you are and what device you’re using, you can use our solution.

Auto Dial on the Same Phone You’re Already Using

Preview Dialer™ works with any landline, mobile, Non-Fixed VoIP, or desktop device, allowing you to auto dial more of your contacts per hour.

Get More Data On Your Calls

With call-tracking and analytics for call time of day, geo-location, lead source and quality, as well as performance, you can make better decisions on when to make calls using the data.

Competitive Pricing Plans

Competitive Pricing Plans

A Comprehensive And Affordable Dialing Platform

Reliable, organized, and flexible, Preview Dialer™ can save you money with an auto dialing platform with real enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Designed to scale from teams as small as a single user up to enterprise teams, Preview Dialer™ is built to be flexible to your needs. With no need for server configuration, no setup fees and the ability to get started on any device, you can get up and running in no time. Sign-up, add what users you need, and start dialing more contacts per minute. The costs scale efficiently too, thanks to our model of unlimited minute flat-rate pricing.

Get Local Numbers

All users can choose 10 local numbers to add when setting up.

Add Toll Free Numbers

From your Autodialer profile, it’s easy to buy toll free and vanity numbers.

Unlimited Extensions

Employees and departments can organize with as many extensions and routing rules as needed.

Bespoke Voicemail Greetings

Each extension can set up and play its own voicemail greetings.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

By transcribing and sending voicemails to your email address, you can catch up by reading voicemails.


Preview Dialer™ Pricing

Benefit from a hassle-free phone system with no set-up fees, unlimited minutes, and the freedom to cancel whenever you want.

Running a business is hard work, so you need a virtual phone system that you can rely on to deliver results and to meet your business’ needs. Preview Dialer™ provides a virtual phone system that makes your life easier. With flat-fee pricing and no commitment to long term contracts, you can stay connected without the worry of unexpected phone costs.

Preview Dialer™ - Feature Complete And Ready For All uses

No matter the size of your business, Preview Dialer™ brings the features and versatility to call more people more efficiently, with data-driven auto dialing capabilities and ease-of-use to train employees much faster.

Screen Pop

When your phone starts ringing, you can immediately see all the details you need about a contact, including notes on any past engagements.

Lead Segmentation

Organize your leads to fit your needs, allowing you to call more specific segments of contacts.

Simultaneous Call Handling

No need to miss a call because you’re busy, incoming calls can easily be forwarded to another agent.

Text Messages

Mass texting, two way business texting, text forwarding and SMS Autoresponders.

Voicemail Drop

If someone’s unavailable, the system automatically drops a voicemail while you’re already moving to the next call.

Walk Me through Training Included


Unlimited Minutes

You get everything with a single flat fee

There’s no need to worry about piling costs the more calls you make. Preview Dailer™ has no minute charges, overages, or surprises, just an easy-to-understand billing system. You pay a flat monthly fee that’s based on the number of users on the system and the license can easily be transferred to new users should an employee leave before the next billing-month, excellent for the churn expected in call centers.

All Inclusive Talk & Text

All Inclusive Talk & Text

How Preview Dialer™ Empowers Your Callers

With unlimited calls, comprehensive features, and unmatched scalability, not to mention the flexibility to use from any device or location, Preview Dialer™ is the autodialing solution that can truly empower your team.


Make data-driven decisions with our in-depth call, text, and usage analytics.

Call Tracking

You can track any inbound calls by source, location, time & day, allowing you to improve marketing based on audience trends.

Lead Scoring

You can apply quality scores and sources to leads, allowing for smarter call disposition configuration.

Access Control

Better manage your team by assigning roles to employees, complete with control access dictating which features can be used.

Predictive Mode

Make sure your agents are always kept busy by dialing three contacts first, patching your agents through to whichever ones answer first.

Call Abandonment

Gather data on abandonment rates, allowing you to adjust dialing rates to save time and money, as well as to have a recorded message at the ready.


Preview Dialer™ can integrate with a range of 3rd party services, including Zapier.

Open API

Our Open API allows you to integrate Preview Dialer™ freely.

Track Agent Performance

Keep agents performing at their very best, thanks to in-depth reporting on call activity, duration, and outcome. With generated performance reports, you can empower agents to better perform by addressing weaknesses and retraining more flexibly.

Agents Tracking Analytics

Agents Tracking Analytics

Quick & Easy Setup

Quick & Easy Setup

Get Set Up In No Time

Setup fees and needlessly complex on-boarding can get in the way of your goals, so Preview Dialer™ is designed to make setting up as painless as possible. Interactive walkthroughs, easy platform configuration, and flexibility to any device and platform can allow your team to start dialing more contacts in mere minutes. Your employees don’t have to learn skills that don’t apply to them, thanks to additional walkthroughs based on role and feature access.


Empowering Remote And From Home Callers

Remote working and working from home is becoming much more common, and Preview Dialer™ enables for maximum productivity in those environments thanks to agent performance tracking tools. Furthermore, your employees, freelancers, and agents can use whichever tools they need, be it a VoIP headset, mobile, or home phone, meaning you don’t have to pay for the equipment to ship to them. Easy onboarding and training for new users thanks to interactive walk-throughs and guides means you can get everyone on-board without them having to travel.

Empowering Small Business & Single Seats

You don’t have to pay enterprise-level costs for enterprise-level technology. Preview Dialer™ can be scaled right down to the needs of the individual and for other teams, with no need for a minimum number of users to start using. If your business grows, Preview Dialer™ is there to scale right alongside you with ease.

Empowering High-turnover Call Centers

If your call center sees a lot of employee churn, you need a cost-effective and flexible dialing solution. Preview Dialer™ assigns a license per each user, but the license isn’t tied to the individual and can be transferred to new employees with ease. Should an employee leave or be fired before the end of the month, you can quickly train and transfer a license to the next. Our interactive and efficient walkthroughs and onboarding mean you can get employees ready to start making calls in minutes.

Empowering High Security & Prison Call Centers

Prison call enters and other high-security work environments come with their own needs. Regardless of how much security you need, our call center solution doesn’t require your agents to be sat at a desk with a computer. If they’re equipped with a phone, it can be locked into dialing the Preview Dialer™ access number. All they have to do is enter their access pin and start auto dialing your contacts, while you can monitor their usage, contacts, and outcomes.

Empowering On-the-Go Employees

No matter where you are, be it the car, the cafe, the airport lounge or otherwise, you can use Preview Dialer™ to make the best use of any spare minutes you get. Cloud accessibility allows you to get dialing in minutes on any device and at any location, allowing for a true competitive advantage. You don’t have to sit in front of a computer as you do with other auto-dialers. Our feature complete solution has several options to empower on-the-go lead nurturing with our app, dial in access, call outcome dispositions, and call analytics.

Empowering Car Dealers & Field Sales Representatives

Make sure your sales agents are spending their time wisely. Preview Dialer™ allows them to nurture the leads most likely to lead to success, thanks to lead segmentation features that allow you to auto-call those contacts that fit your specific criteria from any device. Detailed reporting on agent activity and outcomes allows for improved accountability, meaning you never miss and opportunity to improve their game.

Empowering Real Estate Prospecting

Real estate agencies and agents can generate the outbound calls they need, following up with clients and leads, and prospecting for new listings with ease. You can make up to 3 times the number of cold calls you usually would, vastly improving your chance of finding new buyers and sellers.

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Mix and Match

You can mix and match plans to meet your business’s exact needs.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Easy to Use Dashboard

Mobile Phone Compatible

Mobile Phone Compatible

Let’s Get Started

Monthly flat billing means there’s no commitment and no hassle, making it easy to give Preview Dialer™ a try.

Common Questions About Preview Dialer™

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